"Your feet walk upon the earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe. Our feet are our contact with the earth and the energies that flow through it"

The earliest documented use of reflexology was in Egypt. early Egyptian artists observed and recorded scenes of the medical practices of the times. in 1979 an ancient Egyptian papyrus scene was discovered which depicted medical practitioners treating the hands and feet of their patients in around 2,500 BC.


during the late 14th Century in Europe a form of 'zone therapy' was developed. Dr. William Fitzgerald discovered zone therapy as practiced by the red Indians. north American Indians used pressure to the feet as a source of healing. the studies of dr. Fitzgerald saw the arrival of the development and practice of reflexology in the us. he found that pressure in the nose, throat, mouth, tongue, hands, feet, joints etc., deadened definite areas of sensation and relieved pain. this in turn led to the discovery of Zone Therapy.